E-smoking is FASHIONABLE!

E-smoking is no longer a narrow sphere of life restricted to small circles of people. E-cigarette is slowly becoming a popular topic of discussion among an increasing number of Polish people. Why is it becoming so popular? Because e-cigarettes mean healthier life without necessity of quitting the pleasure of smoking! Studies show that the Mild e-cigarette is healthier than traditional cigarettes. Smoking the Mild e-cigarettes causes no negative effects! What is more, e-smoking smells only of a good habit because e-cigarette gives off no other smells.


E-smoking is HEALTHIER!

There’s no denying that e-cigarettes are a healthier alternative to traditional ones, which is supported not only by smokers but also by a series of studies carried out by institutions recognized throughout the world. In contrast with traditional cigarettes, the Mild e-cigarette contains only water, propylene glycol, and a small dose of nicotine, that is why it acts like traditional anti-nicotine patches or gums. Mild e-cigarette ingredients are more natural in comparison with traditional cigarettes and cigars which contain tobacco and thousands of other addictive substances, for example nicotine, glue or paper. Ingredients in traditional cigarettes have a destructive influence on human body. They cause cancer, heart problems and respiratory problems. E-smokers do not inhale unhealthy tobacco smoke. They inhale controlled dosage of nicotine – smaller than in a traditional cigarette!. That is why, everyone trying the Mild e-cigarette will feel a great difference. Most important of all, electronic cigarettes do not deprive you of the pleasure of smoking!
E-smoking is also a great chance for passive smokers who inhale traditional cigarette smoke against their will. Using the Mild e-cigarette by active smokers is safer both for active smokers and all other people being in their environment. How is it possible? The principle of Mild e-cigarette operation is dead easy. In our e-cigarettes, nicotine is condensed. In traditional cigarettes, nicotine is burned. In other words, our e-cigarettes offer sensation of smoking without fire! Thanks to e-cigarette, you can better protect yourself, your family and friends.


E-smoking is CHEAPER

Thanks to their properties, the Mild e-cigarettes are something more than the first class products. Due to the understanding of our Clients’ needs, we offer products at extremely attractive price, too. In a word, we offer you the first class products!
One e-cigarette cartridge costs only 4PLN, i.e. 50% of the price of an average pack of cigarettes. On average, smoking one pack of the Mild e-cigarettes a day means that you can save up to 80% of the amount spent on cigarettes a year. Considering trends on the market and the patching of gaps in the budget by increasing excise duty – one cartridge costs only 4PLN, i.e. 50% of the price of an average pack of cigarettes. Thanks to our e-cigarettes, you can both protect your and other people’s health and save your money. In a word, thanks to our e-cigarettes you can smoke in a healthy way at a sensational price!


E-smoking is EVERYWHERE

Smoking is forbidden? Never again! Having the Mild e-cigarettes, you can smoke almost anywhere you want – at work, in the cinema, on the plane, in the park, in a shopping mall, even in the presence of small children. We are restricted only by our own imagination. It is possible due to unique properties of our e-cigarettes. They are odour-free, thus nobody will feel disgusted even non-smokers. Quite the opposite, the lack of odour and a traditional look of a cigarette will arise pleasant feelings. It will cause that everybody will want to experience e-smoking first-hand.


The Mild e-cigarette is designed for people who:

  • moke traditional cigarettes/cigars and are afraid of negative effects of traditional smoking (cancer, heart diseases, respiratory diseases),
  • are heavy smokers and have problems with giving up smoking,
  • want to take care of their and other people’s health,
  • don’t like pay the Municipal Police for littering pavements.