Apart form the above mentioned benefits, the Mild e-cigarettes have one more extremely important usage. Our e-cigarettes are a significant help in quitting smoking without the necessity to give up the pleasure of smoking. E-cigarettes will help until we smoke e-cigarettes with zero nicotine level.


In order to quit traditional smoking, we must employ extremely simple and innovative 4-step method of giving up smoking – Mild QuickQuit® . The method consist in a gradual reduction of nicotine density in cartridges (strong-standard-light-zero). The method is designed for people who seriously think about giving up smoking.


The 4-step Mild QuickQuit® is as follows:

  • Step 1: Using a cartridge with high nicotine density (approx 18mg).
  • Step 2: Transition to a cartridge with medium nicotine density (approx 14mg).
  • Step 3: Testing a cartridge with low nicotine density (approx 11mg).
  • Step 4: Using a non-nicotine cartridge.


The length of particular steps depends on the level of motivation. We can employ the following principle: step 1 – approx 1-2 weeks, step 2 – approx 2 weeks, step 3 – approx 1 week, step 4 – approx 1-2 weeks.