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Mild Sin - Black

Mild Sin Black


The affordable model for people starting their adventure withe-smoking.

The Mild Sin model is an affordable kit enabling beginners to experience e-smoking without financial risk. The model features include the ease of operation, a small size, and the look resembling a regular cigarette.

For whom?
traditionalists enjoying the classic look of the e-cigarette
people who want to experience e-smoking for little money
computer owners – the kit includes the USB charger

Kit includes

The electronic cigarette.
Set includes:
Pure Mild Manual Battery, 280mAh - 1 pcs
Cartomizers standard (filled) - 2 pcs USB charger

The original manual in a book

Warranty Card

The warranty period for particular kit elements is:

3 months from the date of delivery
The Mild Pure Long battery
The charger (USB charger + 220V input)

The guarantee does not include cartomizers. Cartridges and cartomizers are the parts (refills) that wear out quickly. That is why, they are not covered by the warranty.

Price: £ 9,99 £ 24,99