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Clearomizer MINI Crystal MILD /Pure/Sin/X1/X6/X7

1 X Clearomizer MINI Crystal MILD /Pure/Sin/X1/X6/X7

Clearomizer Crytal Mini was designed from the ground up specifically for the brand and battery Mild Mild Sin / Pure. Clearomizer has a very modern design.

Resistance - 2.4 Ω
Length - 61 mm
Diameter - 9.2 mm
Capacity - 1.0 ml
Recommended voltage - 3.3-3.6 V.

Clearomizer fits all brand Mild: Mild Sin/Pure/X6/X7

Clearomizer very easy to fill, just unscrew the top cap and pour liquid. Heater replacement is not here, but its life is very long.

Clearomizer by design, generates a lot of hot smoke. Its housing is made of transparent plastic, which is resistant to scratches. In addition, it is covered with a protective label from the window ensures that the user has a continuous insight into the amount of remaining liquid. The electronic cigarette and looks very nicely.

Price: £ 2,99