With all its attributes, the Mild e-cigarettes are the equal of “traditional” cigarettes, being a more valuable product at the same time. Thanks to our e-cigarette:


  • you drag on e-cigarette in the same way you drag on a traditional cigarette. A special red diode simulating the glow of a traditional cigarette creates a vapour mist with a small dose of odourless nicotine.
  • you feel the taste of a traditional cigarette! The taste of the Mild e-cigarette results from many years of studies performed by the be st experts in tobacco fragrances and traditional cigarette smokers!
  • e-cigarette smokers do not suffer from an unpleasant taste in their mouth by contrast with traditional cigarette smokers
  • Mild e-cigarette smokers’ clothes are free of bad tobacco smell. Our e-cigarettes do not give off any odour. That is why, they can be smoked even in the presence of children!
  • smoking has become healthier, which results from unique contents of our e-cigarette. It consists of water, propylene, and a small dose of nicotine. Thus, anyone near a person smoking e-cigarette is not exposed to any harmful effects of traditional cigarettes!
  • we protect the environment! E-cigarette uses the same device (a cartridge) several times.
  • you can taste "the forbidden fruit" and enjoy smoking our e-cigarettes in public places and even in the presence of children without any inhibitions and fears!